Welcome to Your New #Workstyle

Your work always expects more from you; it’s time you expected more from your work


A New Way to “Office”

Vasayo provides flexibility for your workday

Most of our daily decisions and actions take us away from our families as we spend our time working to make other people’s dreams come true, rather than creating and working toward realizing our own dreams. Stop living paycheck to paycheck; put yourself in control of what you’re worth, what hours you work, and, ultimately, your work-life balance.

Because there’s more to life …
Vasayo provides you an alternative for earning a part– or full-time income.

8 Ways to Earn

Stop trading time for dollars and take control of your financial future with 8 Ways to Earn

Whether you excel at one-on-one customer interactions or have a knack for developing leaders, the Vasayo Rewards Plan is designed to provide people just like you with the ability to earn additional income. From our Customer Sales Bonus and Team Commission to Rank Advancement and Leadership bonuses, you can award yourself that hard-earned promotion as often as you’d like. Oh, and the Lifestyle Trips? Don’t even get us started…

Enjoy the flexibility of additional income streams with 8 Ways to Earn from Vasayo

We’ve Done the Heavy Lifting

Plug into a tradition of success for peace of mind

You’re not alone in pursuing your dream. Having built two uber-successful direct selling companies already, Vasayo Founder Dallin Larsen has repeatedly demonstrated his ability to provide people just like you with the opportunity to create their own success. Yes, the Vasayo opportunity requires work … hard work. But you’ll never need to secure enormous amounts of capital, take out a second mortgage, or stock inventory to get your business off the ground. We’ve already done most of the legwork.

Vasayo takes the risk of starting your own business out of the equation and puts you in control.

Time Clock? Or Time Freedom?

Time is the one thing you can’t get back; spend it how you want to.

Do you find yourself sometimes wanting to literally “punch the time clock”? Well, you’re not alone in your yearning for more flexibility and freedom when it comes to work. We get it: you have a family, hobbies, and a Bucket List. There is another way; we promise. In fact, the millions of people who participate in direct selling all over the world today are living proof. At Vasayo, we honor your entrepreneurial spirit and take pride in providing you with an alternative to achieving your desired lifestyle.

Help friends look and feel their best while earning deals and extra money.

Make a Living and a Difference

Our lives will be defined by how we made them meaningful.

Our lives will be defined not only by the time we spend with the people who matter most to us, but also by how we used that time. How we made it count. How we connected to other people. How we leveraged our time to not only enrich our own lives and families, but to better the lives of others.

Help us bless a million lives.